SOON >> 26 / 07 / 2020

Acker Records "Special" No. 4-1 | Digital

First Drive - Remixes Part 1 EP
Remixe by Bonfante, Zigan Aldi

PopHop extends his First Drive, his first EP, and invites some illustrious co-pilots to take us to a magnificent place known as the world of remixes. Zigan Aldi move using warm chinks and jingles as well as the weightless sound of JPatterson’s trumpet, he sends us in a state of freefall - and just when we forget where’s top and where’s bottom, he picks us up with the driving groove of “Romania”. Bonfante uses the rhythmic backbone of “Slovakia” to unfold a sonic texture made of melodic goosebumps, perfectly complemented by the ethereal deepness of her voice.

All Tracks written by POPHOP
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OUT >> 26 / 07 / 2020

Acker Records No. 71 | Digital | Granzow E.P.

incl. Remixe by KlangDruide, Timboletti

It sounds like the great, wide world that expands beyond the horizons of the rising and the setting sun - and it sounds like the vast world that reveals itself only behind closed eyelids. Apparently Pay Kusten is well-travelled in both of these worlds, because his tracks are both earthy and otherworldly. His rhythmic momentum has the powerful calmness of a river flowing beyond a perfectly smooth surface, you don’t even notice how quickly it carries you away. Pay Kusten plays this trick in the medium and in the lower BPM range. Catchy melodies entangle with hallucinogenic samples in the depth of the arrangement. With KlangDruide and Timboletti there’s two like-minded adventurers on board of this journey, navigating us into two more groove dimensions.

All Tracks written by PAY KUSTEN
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OUT >> 15 / 05 / 2020

Acker Records "Special" No. 3 | Digital | First Drive E.P.


This one works like a cold beer for breakfast: It gets you going immediately, elevates your mood, it nurtures body and soul – and it makes you want more. That's why the first PopHop EP works just as good on a home sound system as it does where this charmingly eccentric character from the North East of Germany is at home: On the dancefloor. Showing a remarkably sensitive side in his earthy instrumentations and a wonderfully bold side in his rhythms and basslines, he sends us on three different trips. The trumpet of jPattersson and the guitar chords of Aeksel are like the cherry on the cake, and PopHop provides a serious amount of catchiness even in the realm of double-digit BPM.

All Tracks written by POPHOP
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OUT >> 01 / 05 / 2020

Acker Records "Special" No. 2 | Digital | Thrill Me E.P.


What happens when a talented singer / songwriter discovers the ecstatic joy that lingers around the powerful pulse of a straight kickdrum? Damn good things, as we can hear on this EP. Between synthe-tic grooves, live guitar and vocal parts Andy's Echo soars to ever new heights. This trip shifts through various gears: ‘Running’ has a beautifully rough edge, ‘Wild Groove’ streams through our conscious-ness with casual funkiness. Andy's Echo can also become a very melodic, dreamy and therefore extre-mely catchy affair, as the German producer proves in the title Track ‘Thrill Me’. If this high-quality material eventually ends up in the hands of slo-mo hypnotists Herrhausen & Treindl... you guessed it: We're in for damn good things at the lower end of the BPM spectrum.

All Tracks written by ANDY'S ECHO
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OUT >> 17 / 04 / 2020

Acker Records No. 70 | Digital | Sehlen E.P.

" S O L I D M I N D "

The evolution of Solidmind took the German producer through genres like Deep House and Afro House, through oriental obscurities and melodic meshings. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his productions take us on a trip. His mythical pads, his flute sounds and the desert dust that swirls around the chords of his string instrument create a deeply meditative vibe. The rhythm section is heavy on archaic percussions and heavy on the bass, causing an involuntary itch to get moving as if we were caught by a compelling primal energy. The three tracks on this EP are like the chapters of a story: They share the very same soul, but each one gives expression to a different aspect of it.

All Tracks written by SOLIDMIND @Soundcloud/solidmind

06 / 03 / 2020

Acker Records No. 69 | Digital | Samtens E.P.


incl. Remixe by Dole & Kom, Anton Feine

Sitting right between band and machine-made music, the two siblings Mo et Moi draw their intriguing catchiness from two different sources. There’s the repetitive bang of the kickdrum that triggers an instant urge to move - which again triggers an instant feeling of bliss and well-being. And there’s the hand-played vibe of their music that wraps around the dancing soul like a warm scarf. The omnipresent, yet subtle voice of singer Clara hovers between the meditative ringing of ‘The Deep Heart’s Core’ and the guitar-lead narrative of ‘Dream’ that somehow resembles the showdown scene of a Western. The stripped-down remix of Dole & Kom grooves along with flawless rhythmic precision, while Anton Feine takes us on a laid-back excursion to the world of Dub.

All Tracks written by MO ET MOI @Soundcloud/moetmoi

21 / 02 / 2020

Acker Special No. 1 | Digital | Lips Dont CryE.P.


incl. Remixe by Miyagi, Dompe

Mika has an incredibly warm and deep voice. Deep as in tickling the low end of the frequency spectrum; and deep as in touching the deepest thoughts and emotions of the listener. Manuel Meyer has been involved in a remarkable amount of different Electronic projects for a remarkable amount of time already - yet he’s a remarkably humble producer. Both have the same hairdresser; which again is how Berholter came into existence. Together the duo creates the musical counterpart for that mellow feeling of inner warmth that lingers in the chilly air of the big city at the beginning and at the end of a long club night. In the twilight of pop-infused uplift and subtle melancholia Berholter present two irresistibly catchy tunes. To expand their musical momentum in the direction of maximum danceability, there’s also two splendid remixes by Myagi and Dompe.

All Tracks written by BERGHOLTER @Soundcloud/bergholter

07 / 02 / 2020

Acker Dub Records No. 38 | Vinyl, Digital| Alpensegler E.P.


incl. Remixe by BioDub, Stephan Zovsky

Deine Seele schwebt im Aufwind von Dub,
Den sonnigen Höhen vom Bergmassiv entgegen:
Deine Hüfte wiegt technoiden Takt,
Im Rausch der Talfahrt, verzückt und verwegen.

Your soul floats on the updraught of Dub,
Towards the sunny heights of the Bergmassiv, up and up.
Your hip follows the groove of Techno,
In the frenzy of Talfahrt, an endorphine overflow.

All Tracks written by MARKUS HOMM / BENNY GRAUER
/ @Soundcloud/bennygrauer

15 / 11 / 2019

Acker No. 68 | Digital | Demen E.P.


incl. Remixe by Mollono.Bass, Miret, Menachem26

You know those people who can explain a profound topic in a humorous way, without ever losing the serious keynote of the matter at hand? Transcribed into the world of electronic dance music, Timboletti is just like that. Psychedelic quirks and twist ripple the surface of his crystal clear productions, on which the reflections of exotic soundscapes float past. In other words: He is deep in a very grounded way.  “Der Nebel um Utopia” will make the hearts of Downbeat lovers flutter, “Nachtwanderung” and “Glueck im Gegenlicht” are two very solid reasons for a very solid party. The same goes for the excellent selection of remix artists, making this a remarkably multifaceted and versatile EP.

All Tracks written by TIMBOLETTI @Soundcloud/timboletti

02 / 08 / 2019

Acker No. 67 | Digital |Tramm E.P.


incl. Remixe by Derun, Ahmet Atakan

In the well-developed world of Downbeat, Bummelzug:Acht takes a different track. It leads us away from the usual routes into a soundscape full of picturesque panoramas that rise from the depths of a lucid dream. It feels very much like the walk-in version of a surreal painting. Both Coming Home and Miss the Light draw their subtle catchiness from mellow melodies and soft vocal parts, in one case a male, in the other a female one. If you’re looking for a somewhat more driving version of Coming Home, you’ll dig the housey uplift of the Derun remix. And if you’re into playful Downbeat grooves with a rhythmic soul, the Ahmet Atakan version delivers the goods.

All Tracks written by BUMMELZUG:ACHT @Soundcloud/bummelzugacht

05 / 07 / 2019

Acker No. 66 | Digital |Fuenfseen E.P.


incl. Remixe by Innacirle, Mollono.Bass, Klangdruide

Instead of just peppering his music with samples, Dandara translates the rhythmic vibes of Latin America directly into his synthetic groove. Pororoca sends a feeling of Cumbia to your dancing feet through the backdoor of your unconscious mind – whereas the expressive voice of the singer and the laid-back bass have quite an obvious effect. Quiero is build around the same formula, but clearly aims at the prime time of a party. The same goes for the housey warmth of the Mollono.Bass remix. Pophop sounds very musical this time, almost song-like, making his remix a great match for both big and small sound systems. The escalating ecstasy that is unmistakably the work of Herrhausen & Treindl turns Pororoca into a piece of trancey playfulness. Finally there's Timoletti with his tropical drums, his fractalized echoes, and his uplifting vibe of the open airs.

All Tracks written by ELIAS DORÈ & ACADO @Soundcloud/elias-dore | @Soundcloud/acado_musik

31 / 05 / 2019

Acker No. 65 | Digital |Gager E.P.


incl. Remix by Mollono.Bass, Pophop, Herrhausen & Treindl, Timboletti

Instead of just peppering his music with samples, Dandara translates the rhythmic vibes of Latin America directly into his synthetic groove. Pororoca sends a feeling of Cumbia to your dancing feet through the backdoor of your unconscious mind – whereas the expressive voice of the singer and the laid-back bass have quite an obvious effect. Quiero is build around the same formula, but clearly aims at the prime time of a party. The same goes for the housey warmth of the Mollono.Bass remix. Pophop sounds very musical this time, almost song-like, making his remix a great match for both big and small sound systems. The escalating ecstasy that is unmistakably the work of Herrhausen & Treindl turns Pororoca into a piece of trancey playfulness. Finally there's Timoletti with his tropical drums, his fractalized echoes, and his uplifting vibe of the open airs.

All Tracks written by DANDARA > @Soundcloud/dandaramusic

26 / 04 / 2019

Acker No. 64 | Digital |Rey E.P.


incl. Remix by JPATTERSSON

These tacks roll along with the unhurried ease of a sunday afternoon. Means: KlangDruide creates an intriguing amount of boost and pressure even at the low end of the BPM scale. The ecstasy that is the lead melody of the track Cheops makes us feel as if we are teleported into the grand final scene of some epic fantasy movie. Chephren sends us flying between ethereal synthesizer pads and enraptured flute sounds. In the remix of JPatterson this title makes slow love with his signature instrument, the trumpet. Last but not least we are entangled in the oscillating sonic texture of Mykerinos and dragged to someplace far away.

All Tracks written by KLANGDRUIDE > @Soundcloud/klangdruide

15 / 03 / 2019

Acker No. 63 | Digital |Plate E.P.


incl. Remixe by Herrhausen & Treindl, Timboletti, Dolph

The space inbetween - and happens there: That’s the magic of those danceable grooves from the realms of Downbeat. After the energy of the last beat accelerated you and before you end up in the magnetic force field of the next beat, you find yourself in a weightless state of flight. The more space there is between two beats, the longer it lasts. While you are enjoying this very special state of flight your senses are wide open for all the atmosphere and audible beauty that flow through the cleared-out rhythms. The tracks Sunrise and Sunset by are two perfect examples for this magic. The subtle trancy vibes and the warm melodies of these tunes set the keynote for the EP. The pad-heavy departure of Dolph, the slo-mo ecstasy of Herrhausen & Treindl and the understated bang of Timboletti complete the two original tracks as if they were alternative endings for the same story.

All Tracks written by MI.LA > @Soundcloud/musicmila

01 / 02 / 2019

Acker Dub Records No. 36 | 10" Vinyl & Digital |Ohrwurm E.P.


incl. Remixe by Mollono.Bass, Stephan Zovsky

Toby Dreher makes Techno spark, Turns your mind into an amusement park. Mechanical like a machine, yet organic like a flower, This record will charge your dancing feet with unknown power.

All Tracks written by TOBY DREHER > @Soundcloud/Toby-Dreher

11 / 01 / 2019

Acker No. 62 | Digital | Duesterfoerde E.P.


incl. Remix by Lukas Endhardt, Toni Haupt

Dolph takes us on a joyride under the wide musical horizon that is so typical for him, using an ambling groove and the power of musical warmth as a means of propulsion. In his track Into he sends a colorful carpet of harmonic fragments drifting on the subtle flow of the rhythm, arranging and rearranging on the soft undulations of the bass like a kaleidoscopic narrative. It comes with two remixes, each picking up one of the two prevailing moods of this title: Lukas Endhardt puts a focus on the dreamy aspects, creating an idyllic Downbeat version. Toni Haupt on the other hand aims at the dancefloor and accordingly provides a solid dose of boost and pressure. Then there's the programmatic title Constant Change that keeps morphing into ever new shapes and atmospheres, making it a very stimulating affair on all different levels of the production.

All Tracks written by DOLPH > @soundcloud/ddoollpphh



16 / 11/ 2018

Acker No. 61 | Digital| MelzE.P.


It takes just a few beats until the ritualistic vocal of Macaco lifts your spirit and the flute sample takes your fantasy on a weightless flight through the ethereal textures of delayed bliss. Within no time, you’re pretty damn high and you might well find yourself wondering how those relatively few beats per minute create such a compelling vortex of catchiness and drive. In comparison, the Mollono.Bass remix seems to be constructed without any handbrake whatsoever - once you connect to this tune it drags you straight into the nocturnal prime time of the dancefloor. Good things come in threes, and that’s why there’s the track Zeus. Its sleek groove plays around the casual sound of a guitar and gives rise to the idea of a road movie that involves colorful Hippies, the dusty scenery of a desert and some seriously wild things going on.

12 / 11/ 2018

Acker No. 60 | Digital | Karenz E.P.


incl. Remix by Timboletti

Dreamlike and longing, creating a cinematic atmosphere of departure: That's what the Karenz EP sounds like, rolling in as if it was a morning fog over the Bosporus. Just like his home Istanbul is a melting pot of cultures, the studio of Serkan Eles is an alchemical laboratory in the world of music. Using a slowly but powerfully heaving current of beats and bass to create momentum, he adds the sound of instruments and voices that transport a deep, oriental mindset into the consciousness of the listener. Also there's sounds that have probably been recorded on a spaceship orbiting planet Earth. In this way he creates a very subtle and delicate form of psychedelia – and that again is what Timboletti extracts for his remix, capturing it in the close-meshed net of his unmistakable groove.

All Tracks written by SERKAN ELES > @soundcloud/serkaneles



10 / 08/ 2018

Acker No. 59 | Digital | Pudgala E.P.


Warm, casual, sexy, playful, bursting with positive vibes and joy of life: Leão reminds us of all those aspects that make House music such a wonderful affair. The production quality and sound pressure are up-to-date, the catchiness and functionality are timeless. From the minimalist, tool-like groove of Marius Hill to the big-room tribalistic escalations of Parabola the versatility of this EP feels as if the producer, who’s also known as Robot Needs Oil, keeps throwing big shovels full of smiles straight into our faces.

All Tracks written by LEÃO > @Soundcloud/le-olab


01 / 06/ 2018

Acker Records LP006 & CD008 | Digital

New Album Release - JPATTERSSON "Folks & Fanfare"

feat. Longfingah and Remixe by Timboletti, Superpendejos,
Discoshaman, Dreadsquad, Mollono.Bass


It's been around three years since JPattersson opened up a whole new horizon of formerly unheard possibilities between the worlds of Dub and Techno. A lot has been happening ever since, and that’s very noticeable on his second album. It still has all the signature elements of JPattersson: There's his dreamy, virtuous trumpet play and his witty vocals, there's his dubby delays and heavyweight beats which often line up in a Downbeat rhythm. However, besides his fanfares there's now also many folks, many musical friends who contribute to the vibe of this album. There's a track with Berlin MC Longfingah, latin-flavoured rhythms from Polish Reggae and Dancehall producer Dreadsquad as well as a stylistically wide range of remixes that reflect the symbiotic cooperation and mutual inspiration of these last years.

All Tracks written by JPATTERSSON > @ Soundcloud

CD >>
VINYL incl. Donwloadcart >>

10 / 05/ 2018

Acker No. 58 | DIGITAL | Neese E.P.


incl. Remix by El Mundo

Melodic pads float through the stereo panorama like the crystal clear water of a stream over round, moss-covered boulders. The subliminal undulations of the rhythm create an organic momentum reminiscent of the play of light and shadow on the ground under a summer forest canopy. Polish producer Raidho delivers two tracks that reveal the more levels and dimension the deeper you dance into their depths. Also there’s a remix by El Mundo who transforms the track ‘Dreamin’ into a powerful hypnosis trick that fits perfectly into the primetime of a dancefloor.

All Tracks written by RAIDHO > @Soundcloud


23 / 03/ 2018

Acker No. 57 | Digital | From Roots We Rise - REMIXED E.P.


incl. Remixe by The Micronaut / Mollono.BassStephan Zovsky

If summer was a piece of music, it probably would fall into the Dub and Reggae genre for many of us. But for just as many also into the realm of electronic dance music. Here all these different rhythms and vibes come together, as there are 3 remixes for last year’s Looney Roots album ‘From Roots We Rise’ rotating on Acker number 57. Mollono.Bass and Stephan Zovsky smoothly spread the Latino-flavoured vocal part of ‘La Vida’ between layers of warm subbass pressure and undulating ribbons of melody. Whereas Micronaut discovers an entirely new dimension in the cheerful rhythm of ‘Live It Up’ where.

All Tracks written by LOONEY ROOTS > @Soundcloud


23 / 02 / 2018

Acker No. 56 | Digital | Tribsees E.P.


incl. Remixe by Mollono.Bass

If you listen to Armando Letico's productions on your headphones or your home stereo, they have a very mellow, even meditative vibe. That's because of the intricate, highly musical texture which he creates from rich overtone harmonies and ethereal sample collages recorded in places like the mystical Stone Town or the tropical Jada Temple. But if you crank up the volume, there's also a very compelling moment of danceability: The sleek flow of the bass and the pounding depth of the kick drum have a similar effect on your body and your mind like those first warm rays of sun seeping through a sudden gap in the clouds of a spring sky. Mollono.Bass keeps his remix rather laid-back and enigmatic, as well, creating the perfect tune for the early morning hours of a party.

All Tracks written by ARMANDO LETICO > @Soundcloud





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